Hi, I'm Kelly Van Arsdale

Web Developer

I help businesses build websites that showcase their brand identity, convey meaningful information, and convert.


Mastery of the fundamentals. Proficient in preprocessors and component libraries (bootstrap, tachyons, etc.)

Responsive Design

Excellent at responsive design techniques. Strong believer in responsive code like Flexbox and CSS Grid.

SEO, GTM and GA4

In depth knowledge of SEO. Proficient in Google Lighthouse, Google Tag manager and Google Analytics 4.


Professional Webflow site builder. Proudly build user-editable sites for faster changes and updates.

Photo & Video

Previously a professional photographer. Master of Adobe creative suite, photo editing, and retouching.

Git Version Control

Proficient in Git commands and collaborative coding. Believer in strong documentation and maintaining clean code.

Design & Animation

Proficient in Figma and entire Adobe Creative Suite. Skilled in animation and subtle web movement.


Master of Shopify and Snipcart. Capable of building full e-commerce sites with shipping and inventory services.


with Webflow, custom code, scroll animation

Autonomous vehicle startup, Light, wanted to move an existing site into Webflow for easier maintenance. In the process, they chose to revamp the new site to drive leads for their groundbreaking hardware and software platform.

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Light Website Background Video


with Webflow, custom code

Photographer and art director, Julia Sperling, needed a new website to showcase her work in multiple disciplines. For her photography, we chose a light box format. For her art direction, we gave ample room to explain and display her work cohesively.

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Spinnaker Chocolate

with Google App Engine, html, css, javascript, python, Shopify, Stripe

Craft chocolate makers, Spinnaker Chocolate, needed a website to tell their story and sell their bars. They wanted a fully custom solution with the Shopify JS Buy SDK on Google App Engine as well as a Stripe integration for their membership club.

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GrAI Matter Labs

with Webflow, custom code, Figma prototype & wireframe

AI startup, GrAI Matter Labs, needed an entirely new website to drive leads for their groundbreaking hardware platform.

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